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French Pressed

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February 13th, 2008

French Pressed

4 Responses to “French Pressed”

  1. tevan Says:

    haha — yes! a catch-22. you’ve successfully captured many-a-morning of mine.

    I’m reminded of “bill & ted’s excellent adventure” — the parts where they make mental notes to put things in certain places after-the-fact so they’ll be there in the present. I’m also reminded of “back to the future”. if you could somehow drink coffee a half hour before you wake up, without waking up, you’d be set!

  2. renee Says:

    I love this one – this is me for sure. I have made a deal with my partner – she does the coffee every morning – I take out the trash every night – it is wonderful!

  3. cowboycoffee Says:

    EVERY MORNING, I need coffee before I can make coffee.

  4. webring.ukelab.es Says:


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