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The New Moral Purity

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September 19th, 2008

The New Moral Purity

5 Responses to “The New Moral Purity”

  1. DavidLG Says:

    Hehe, it would be funny if the Snack O’s in question actually happened to be all those things! Awkward. We’d find out if Purple Catmonster is actually even hungry.

    Or what if they had some beet juice for coloring, but were otherwise acceptable. Would they be turned down on grounds of not being “coloring-free”?

  2. MartyB Says:

    I see this straw man argument against organic, vegan types a lot. It’s cute, but I wonder why the same criticism can’t be leveled against vocal meat-eaters? They seem to get in your face about their need for bacon or whatever. I guess it’s patriotic to eat meat is hard to label them as whiny douchebags.

  3. ZackL Says:

    I don’t think what is being parodied here is the choice to eat those kinds of foods, but rather the fact that a majority of them who do, purposely go out of their way to make it known to those around them; stating that it can almost be considered a fad to some because of such vocal (vain)endorsements. I’m all for this kind of stuff, but I’m the broke 19 year old whose meals are at 1am for less than a dollar at taco bell… Last I checked, while slightly healthier and morally cleansing, it isn’t cheap!

    So in closing, it shouldn’t be about what you’re known for, but rather just for yourself and the sake of food, going out of your way to put others down when saying no just shows vanity.

    (also, who the fuck cares about ‘meat-eaters’? Most people diet and don’t categorize their foods that way, it’s just hot-headed people who shout that kind of stuff, and they usually have high blood pressure too. So let them have heart attacks and shh, they’ll be quiet soon enough)

  4. DavidLG Says:

    No, I only eat bacon-laden, beef-fortified, animal-successive Snack O’s. Rawr!

  5. Judy Says:

    Cue the shudder.

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